Black tea table with what color table cloth?

Black tea table with what color table cloth?

May 09, 2018

Black tea table with what color table cloth? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tablecloth for a black tea table. Such as size, material, color, decorative pattern, or cleanliness, practicability, durability, etc. Collocation proper tea table can let the household environment change completely. Tea table is the important component of the sitting room in household environment, black tea table collocation is appropriate tablecloth, easy and elegant. So, black tea table with what table cloth is good?

1. Material of tablecloth:

The tablecloth is mainly covered with silk, plastic, cloth art, glass material, cotton, etc., various materials are different. Silk and satin are often used in the hotel or wedding table, and the tea table can be chosen to create a palace atmosphere. The plastic style is simple and easy to tidy up. Cloth art class is very common, variety and delicate. Vitreous material color, pattern is simple and concise. Cotton and linen environmental health, more color.

Black tea table according to style can match the antependium of different material. Advocate contracted wind can choose the plastic kind that simple color is unified, glass material type; Like color bright and gorgeous can consider other material.

2. Color of table cloth:

The choice of tablecloth color is concerned with the color of tea table and whole household style, match the photograph of photograph of photograph of photograph of photograph of photograph of photograph of a match, don't appear too protruding. Black tea table can be matched with many color tablecloth, so the choice of color depends on the style of furniture and integral tone. If whole household style is relatively pure and fresh, then the antependium of tie-in black tea table can choose lighter color, for example gray, light green, light color department can. If the furniture of the home is more heavy wooden furniture, can choose gold tablecloth collocation, appear whole solemn and glorious. If the home is bright color fastens furniture, can use the antependium of beautiful color, be like bright yellow.

3. Decorative pattern of tablecloth:

For cotton and hemp, silks, cloth art class tablecloth pattern type is more, other material tablecloth is comparative to pursue concise, general color design is relatively unitary. Silk and satin tablecloth is brightly colored, with a variety of patterns, ranging from simple stripes to intricate patterns like paintings. Cloth art type antependium mostly is small and fresh style, small broken flower and flower adornment make common theme, some cloth art class antependium also can have lace adornment, be like lacing lace; The tablecloth pattern of cotton and hemp class is relatively simple, compare with national style commonly, colour is bright-coloured, the pattern that is too rich can make the material of cotton and hemp appear too thick. Therefore, the choice of tablecloth pattern also depends on personal preference.

4. Function of tablecloth:

The tablecloth of black tea table is not only collocation function, the role that different kind of tablecloth USES also is different. Silks and satins are relatively smooth, dustproof and ash is not in the words, but it is more troublesome to clean, usually dry cleaning is not damaged. The plastic tablecloth is relatively clean, the material is soft and easy to fold, the use period is long, not easy to damage, it is in play the dustproof role while also can prevent oil pollution to permeate. Cloth art class tablecloth is more environmental protection health, feel comfortable, absorb wet performance is good, it is the most commonly used tablecloth material in household life at present, but clean up trouble, also can't absorb oil pollution. The tablecloth of glass material is clean convenient, at the same time endure cold and heat, but easy to deform. The tablecloth of cotton and hemp class also is comparative environmental protection, simple sense, the appearance is fashionable, wear-resisting is washable, absorb water also is good.

After the introduction, the black tea table and the table cloth will be able to find out.