Classification of masks

Classification of masks

Apr 02, 2020

1.Medical masks

Generally sold in pharmacies, there are two types: non-woven disposable medical masks, and the other is gauze masks. Citizens who are more sensitive to climate change can choose to wear disposable medical surgical masks or gauze masks with more than 12 layers.

2. Activated carbon mask

Pharmacies, convenience stores, and online stores have such masks sold. The price varies according to the quality of activated carbon in the masks with a pack of 50 pieces. It can also be sold individually, but generally because the replacement is fast, most people now buy one package. If more information, pls click the picture to know more.


Activated carbon mask

3. N95 mask

The N95 mask is a professional dust mask. General pharmacies generally do not sell N95 and N90 masks, and hospitals do not sell them to the public, let alone to ordinary patients. Citizens need to go to a pharmaceutical company to buy it.

Experts recommend that ordinary citizens do not blindly wear professional protective masks. Wearing such professional protective masks requires training. If you do not understand this knowledge, it is best not to wear them casually.