Flocking application

Flocking application

Dec 27, 2018

Flocking features: solid feeling, bright color, soft touch, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and dampproof, non-fleece, friction-resistant, smooth and seamless.

All kinds of product base material surface can be flocking, and is not subject to the plant body shape, size limit.

Such as: paper, cloth, non-woven cloth, artificial leather, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, board, sponge, gypsum board, artificial board, plastic sheet, foam, ceramics, resin and so on.

The field of flocking industry is very broad and typical industry:

1. Handicraft industry: toys of various styles and materials, handicrafts, picture frame backboards, gifts, handicraft, artificial flowers, craft plastic lanterns, etc.

2 packaging industry: jewelry box, health food packaging box, wine box, glasses box, marriage certificate, high-grade certificate epidermis, wine bottle, case, adhesive, paper (board), etc.

3. Automobile industry: automobile rubber sealing strip, automobile interior plastic parts, etc.

4.Other industries: motorcycle helmet, hanger, fire door, safe, lamp, cabinet, sanitary ware, furniture, sponge, EVA, all kinds of material hangers, etc.