How should cloth art supplies normally maintain?

How should cloth art supplies normally maintain?

May 09, 2018

1. Wash the dust at least once a week, especially to remove dust from the fabric structure. It is worth noting that the newly bought bedding should be dry-cleaned three to four times before washing.

2. If there are stains on the fabric products, wipe them with clean cloth. To avoid leaving traces, it is best to remove from the periphery of the stain. If it is a common cushion, it should be reversed once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

3. Read the label instructions before washing. When washing, choose a mild and neutral detergent, dissolve the detergent in water first, and then put in cloth art products; The water temperature is no higher than 40 degrees; Soak time should not exceed 30 minutes; Dark products should not be mixed with other light fabrics; The articles after washing should be ironed properly and the temperature should not exceed 140 degrees.

4. When drying, do not expose the front of the fabric products to the sun. Air the back to the outside and dry in a cool and ventilated place.

5. During normal use, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight; Avoid fire, high temperature objects, electric furnace and so on; Avoid the reinforcement learning items such as sulfuric acid; If you find that the thread is loose, do not break it with your hand. Apply scissors to cut it flat.