How to choose the color style of tablecloth

- Jun 21, 2018-

Generally speaking, contracted and neat style, can let a person mood loosen, for example white or the tablecloth with colorless effect, can bring a person inside collect and composed feeling; The tablecloth with grid grain has strong domestic flavor, appear both rural and optional. Dark blue tablecloth can present dreamy hazy and do not break noble elegance. When choosing the tablecloth that has decorative pattern design, do not look only at the popular design at that time or because at the moment like and choose too flowery style. Although such tablecloths can be aesthetically pleasing at first glance, it is possible to experience "aesthetic fatigue" over time.

Tablecloths are not like other fabrics to be able to pick the design and color randomly, should consider above all whether can match with clean and neat table. Still have it is color and style whether decorate a style photograph to match with oneself, this is to choose tablecloth when want to consider above all. The change that can choose tablecloth according to season and occasion again is different!