Dec 25, 2018

Crochet is mainly used for knitting. Crochet is a white lace crochet made of thread cotton thread, which is a way to create fabric. Through a crochet needle, a thread can be woven into a piece of fabric, and then the fabric can be combined into clothing or household ornaments, etc.

The English Crochet "Crochet" is derived from the old French word "Croc" or "croche," both of which have the meaning of a hook.

Crochet knitted fabric is filled with numerous small ring, through the hook will play slipknot line, fill do a ring, then into the hook from the first ring wear, hook to cancel, check out another ring, can gradually form a ribbon cable list, the last row will be only one ring on the crochet, a new row to return to hook on the old line, then line ring hook on the string out countless row, has formed a crochet.

The logic of crochet is basically the same as that of stick knitting, but the difference is that the pattern of crochet knitting is relatively free. There is only one crochet needle and one thread from the beginning to the end, which can hook out many free patterns and patterns, circles, and even small three-dimensional fabric, such as finger dolls.

The popularization of crochet knitting may have been in Europe around the 1800's. According to the literature, the earliest crochet knitting may have no crochet and used fingers at all, so that no traces left by artificial tools could be found and its history could not be examined.

There is also no evidence to support the claim that crochet has a long history, as some writers have speculated with pictures of the fingers.

Other writers have argued that these methods of knitting and weaving were among the very early methods of weaving, but have not yet been found in the archaeological age of the discovery of fabric by crochet method.