Tablecloth classification and quality identification.

Tablecloth classification and quality identification.

May 09, 2018

One is to classify according to the production process, plastic: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA tablecloth, the PVC tablecloth of the cotton substrate, PP tablecloth and so on, the tablecloth of the flow film.

Textile: polyester-cotton knitting lace tablecloth, pure cotton yarn optical network buckle cloth, polyester silk warp knitting jacquard cloth, cotton silk light printing jacquard cloth, polyester-cotton plain weave cloth, polyester-cotton plain weave embroidered tablecloths, flax knitting lace tablecloth, polyester MaPing darning tablecloth, VS tablecloth, stars silk cloth

Two is classified by using range, such as square flat circular tooth edge table table cloth, table cloth, round tea table with table cloth, bedroom nightstand lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular table cloth, bedroom nightstand lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular table cloth. In addition, there is a round table circular non-woven table cloth.

According to its use cent, can generalize cent is practical and adornment sex two kinds big.

Practical antependium pays attention to its function, general material is given priority to with plastic, color also is relatively unitary. Because the quality of the table is getting higher and higher now, many families do not use tablecloth commonly, the guest is simply put on a layer of disposable tablecloth, after use, throw away. This kind of tablecloth is simple, but not green.

Therefore, the practical tablecloth is mainly PVC, and PVC tablecloth is the most reliable quality of PVC tablecloth. The bottom layer of this kind of cloth bottom layer cotton bottom, make it soft and easy to fold, avoid traditional PVC tablecloth hard, brittle defect. Also, this kind of tablecloth is not like traditional plastic tablecloth color is too simple, dark, color and flower type is diversiform, easy collocation a variety of decorate a style, it is the choice that soft decoration is good. This table cloth is dirty, easy to clean and easy to carry. Long service life, easy to fade and fade. PVC table cloth as early as in the European and American countries is very popular, Japan and southeast Asian countries in recent years because of the warmer weather, PVC tablecloth also became popular in these countries, because of its superior quality and competitive price in China also received numerous family according to the features of welcome.

Quality identification

The first is to look at the thickness, generally thicker a bit better. Besides, it is difficult to distinguish between the two sides of a good tablecloth. In fact, the purpose of doing this is to look at the preferences of the host, which can be used on both sides, and the tablecloth can only be used on one side. The second is to see that it is not easy to get rid of the ball, but the ball is too bad, generally not to be used. Finally, ah, go to the regular store to buy, total return is more expensive better!