Tablecloth cleaning technique!

Tablecloth cleaning technique!

May 09, 2018

Tablecloths can effectively avoid food stains and dirty tables, but the cleaning of the tablecloth itself can cause a lot of trouble. The main grime of tablecloth is alcohol and beverage, oil and vegetable oil, vegetable, salt, sugar, soy sauce and ash. So here we are going to introduce how to do a tablecloth cleaning for different types of oils.

1. Water-soluble dirt.

The characteristic of this kind of bilge is can be dissolved by water and remove, the above salt, sugar, soy sauce, juice, all kinds of wine belong to water soluble type, tablecloth is clean also very convenient. Use daily cleaning methods.

2. Grease and dirt.

This kind of dirt is mainly plants and animals. Because the melting point is different, the state at room temperature is different. So the liquid is the oil and the solid is the fat. Fats and oils are insoluble in water, and oils have a good affinity for cotton and chemical fibers, which are usually washed away before they are melted. We can use permeable, diffusive emulsifiers for this kind of stubborn tablecloth cleaning. Then wash with hot water. If there is a pigment oil such as chili oil, in addition to the emulsifier, it is necessary to bleach with hydrogen peroxide to remove the pigment from the oil stain.

3. Protein and starchy stains.

This kind of dirt included contains plant protein of all kinds of fruit juice, cakes, rice, starch, food residue and so on, they in cold water is easy to remove, heat will be solidified on the fabric after washing, it is difficult to eliminate.

Other considerations

The fabrics with different shades of color should be washed separately so as not to be dyed. Cotton, linen or cotton blended fabric, can only be washed with warm water or cold water washing, can not use too drastic detergent. If there is a procedure for soaking the tablecloth, apply cold water.

If you want the fabric to be brighter, use bleach or toner, but don't use too much, or it will damage the natural fabric.