Tablecloth size general what is the tablecloth of qualitative material durable?

Tablecloth size general what is the tablecloth of qualitative material durable?

May 09, 2018

In people's living standards improved, also more exquisite rise in household decoration, so as the antependium of home textile accessories can also be home decoration on the scenery, but we in the choose and buy the tablecloth, need is what kind of table cloth size to fit in with the home? That's the size of the tablecloth to share. Let's enjoy the beauty of the tablecloth.

Antependium can not only beautify the restaurant, also can adjust the atmosphere of the dinner, is now more popular a kind of trend, all kinds of cloth, cotton, linen, cotton, hollow out, embroidery, fabric texture, such as technology, design and color, see everywhere, let a person dazzling. This requires us to choose according to oneself household environment to the tablecloth, how antependium can show our household style better.

2. When choosing a tablecloth with patterned design, don't look at the popular pattern at that time or choose too fancy style for a moment. This kind of antependium seems to be able to obtain aesthetic feeling at a glance, but the time is a long time can appear "aesthetic fatigue". Tablecloths are not as random as other fabrics, and the first thing to consider is whether you can match a clean, clean table. Also is color and style whether to match with oneself decorate a style, this is to consider when choosing tablecloth.

3. The table cloth of white or colorless effect, can bring a person introverted and steady feeling, and the tablecloth of the grain is full of strong family breath, appear both rural and casual. The tablecloth of dark blue can present dreamy hazy but not lose noble elegance. At the same time, we can choose the tablecloth according to the seasonal changes.

4. In the different season, we can choose a different situation to make a different choice antependium, light light-colored cloth can be used in the spring, and summer is hot, can the comparison with the green and pleasant color vision cool down, in the winter because of the relatively cold, we can choose more warm cloth to use, so give us a warm home.

For table cloth size, we are not able to choose, like a round table cloth is + 30 cm in each side vertical diameter, and party a tablecloth choice is usually hang around 15 to 5 cm, it is fitting for the vertical dimension, and for size selection on tea table cloth, table generally 45 to 50 cm high, so don't choose too big tea table cloth, the vertical edge also shoulds not be too much, hang around 15 cm is more appropriate.