Textile Concepts

- Mar 05, 2019-

The word textile is from Latin texere which means "to weave", "to braid" or "to construct".The simplest textile art is felting, in which animal fibers are matted together using heat and moisture. Most textile arts begin with twisting or spinning and plying fibers to make yarn. The yarn is then knottedloopedbraided, or woven to make flexible fabric or cloth, and cloth can be used to make clothing and soft furnishings. All of these items – felt, yarn, fabric, and finished objects – are collectively referred to as textiles.

The textile arts also include those techniques which are used to embellish or decorate textiles – dyeing and printing to add color and pattern; embroidery and other types of needleworktablet weaving; and lace-making. Construction methods such as sewingknittingcrochet, and tailoring, as well as the tools employed, techniques employed and the objects made all fall under the category of textile arts.