The table cloth suits well

The table cloth suits well

May 09, 2018

In the home design, use the transformation of tablecloth can build the space atmosphere of various amorous feelings, give a person with different mood. An outstanding antependium not only can show host unique aesthetic and artistic grade, can let diner appetite increase greatly. The tablecloth can also be the elf of a romantic candlelight dinner, or a heart-to-heart chat in the afternoon tea. Its various elegant demeanour, all depend on the user good originality, clever collocation USES to show.

There is a trick to choosing.

Rural plaid cloth is the choice that never leaves behind, it can bring a person sweet and comfortable feeling, can match according to the grid color, make the room full of recreational feeling.

The person that likes quietly elegant small flower pattern, might as well use the collocation of the same color department to present the sentiment of rural village. On relaxed and pleasant plain colour tablecloth, tie-in the flower small table cloth of the same color, can make the feeling of sunshine, courtyard, flowers and plants come out.

Fruit design is very suitable to use in the arrangement of table, besides color, design can be reflected with the dining table, can increase appetite more. Whole collocation also can show lovely, warm, lively one side.

If the house treats or the festival, can choose to fill with the warm color that is filled with jubilant, let luxuriant warm red tie is to give rise to joy, and build the atmosphere of exquisite elegance.

People who like to be close to nature, let the imagination overflow. Choose the antependium of blue sky or sea color, match the small square towel with the design such as cloud or shell, sea star, can satisfy oneself romantic mood.

It is a perfect match.

On the collocation of design and color, can use tonal, tonal contrast, auxiliary color department to match, when you worry about the color, might as well walk outdoors, because nature is the best color experts, the blue sky white cloud of soft, petals, leaves and stems of plants color all is a good teacher we can refer to reference. This method of "worship nature as a teacher" is also the reason why many designers are successful.