What is beach towl?

What is beach towl?

Mar 30, 2020

Beach towel is one kind of towels, it is raw material with pure cotton yarn line commonly. Size is bigger than bath towel, and its more main characteristic is colour gorgeous, design is rich. Mainly used for outdoor play, sports after rubbing, body, but also often used in the beach or grass lying. Most people choose the beach towel with pure cotton, colorful and beautiful patterns.

Because beach towel is commonly used outdoors, so its appearance is generally more complex and beautiful. On the craft cent: jacquard beach towel and printing beach towel two kinds.

Jacquard beach towel is thicker commonly, absorbent property is strong, but as a result of technical limitation of jacquard craft, jacquard beach towel: general color quantity is less, design is simpler.

Printed beach towel is generally active printed beach towel, active printing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing process, the active printing fabric color is bright, color fastness is good, feel soft, can often wash not fade, long use as new.

printed beach towel