What kind of material of high-grade tablecloth in the home is good

What kind of material of high-grade tablecloth in the home is good

May 09, 2018

What kind of material of high-grade tablecloth in the home is good?

1, silks and satins

Family dining table cloth silk is also a good choice, but silk exists in hotel, banquet, wedding is a little more, but home is also a lot of, silks and satins family dining table cloth look more luxuriant nobility, very real host family status. However, because of the particularity of fabrics, it is better to use dry cleaning.

2, cotton and linen

Dining table cloth and one is made of cotton and linen, it also is a kind of good material, simple sense is quite good, very wear-resisting durable, this kind of fabrics of environmental health, the pursuit of all kinds of natural things. Water absorption is good, gorgeous color, fashionable and generous. The home table tablecloth is also found in most families.

3. PVC material

Solid wood table cloth with PVC material. PVC solid wood table cloth with cotton substrate is the best solid wood table tablecloth at present. Its advantage is soft, easy to fold, color diversity, flower type is diverse, easy to match. And the solid wood table tablecloth with PVC material is also relatively easy to take care of, the service life also is longer.

4, cloth art,

Cloth art table cloth is the longest in our life, is also the most practical one, textile cloth fabric fabric is also very healthy, moisture absorption good, skin-friendly skin toner. After preshrunk, feel comfortable. The fabric is tight. Home table tablecloth and mercerized. Bright, soft and brightly colored. Is the most commonly used household table cloth in life.

5. Glass material

The solid wood table tablecloth with glass material also has the characteristic of cold, heat and easy to clean. Although the real wood table cloth of glass material is cheaper, but the real wood table tablecloth of glass material also has bad place, that is the performance of cold and heat conductivity is not good, easy to break and hurt people. And from the adornment performance, the solid wood table tablecloth style of glass material and color also do not have PVC material the solid wood table tablecloth is much.

It's not good to use plastic tablecloths for a long time.

To "put on clothes" to the table, not only can have protective effect, still can adorn household environment. Plastic table cloth is very popular because it is clean and waterproof. The spread of plastic tablecloth on the table at the same time, but may cause indirect harm to human health.

Many of the plastic tablecloths are made of PVC (PVC). Although they are not toxic in their own right, the release of vinyl chloride is toxic and can lead to liver cancer. If vinyl chloride added plasticizer, it also contains lead, chromium and other heavy metals, especially easy to adsorb in high-temperature food oil and hand sweat, harm people's health. Moreover, colourful tablecloth, because add a variety of pigment, fade after color mixed food, also bad for the health.

It is better not to use plastic tablecloth, if must use, must pay attention to the material of tablecloth, if it is polyethylene, do not buy, choose polypropylene material will be safer. In comparison, natural cloth products are safer, they are free of chemicals and easy to clean.

Plastic tablecloth is used for a long time can appear to harden, break phenomenon, this time cannot be used again, do not want to save money or graph convenient to continue to use, bad can harm health.