My kids might have thought I was "crazy" when I began the tradition, but now the Thanksgiving tablecloth is special to the entire family. Besides the scribbles and names, there are other milestones captured in the fabric, including a graduation cap, a footprint of a newborn grandchild, and a few hand prints. "Last year, when I sat down to embroider, I found a message from our then 8-year-old grandson. It read, 'I love Grammy and Papa.' So of course, I embroidered it, too," said Mills.



Our new tablecloths have been really popular for Easter. The colors and designs are great for Easter gatherings with family and friends. With hues of red flowers and green leaves images of nature in circle, the tablecloths just sing Spring!----said R.H. Ballard

So what are my must-haves? First, a good base. One of my favorite tricks it to use a 60-inch square tablecloth, turned on the diagonal, placed at the center of the table. I think full-sized tablecloths are a waste. They are expensive, hard to launder and difficult to iron. The small squares give us the same lovely textile base, with none of the headaches. This tablecloth is all cotton ----said MARY CAROL GARRITY



"I don't use place mats much, but Lisa Perry has super-fun vinyl ones for the kitchen. And for more formal table settings, I like the simple cotton table place mats because they are affordable and come in tons of colors. We can get a sample kit of all their colors, which then allows us to mix and match them. ----- said Harriet Tubman.

Impart a romantic look to our table with this wipe clean PVC checkered Tablecloth. It's crafted from PVC material that won't snag easily and resists wear and tear, while the backing of this PVC tablecloth further enhances its durability. With yellow, red and green against a blue background, this tablecloth has made the perfect finishing touch to our picnic. ----said Gillian Mille



The solid gray color PEVA disposable tablecloth shows a simple pattern that's enough for adding a bright holiday touch to our dining table. The material makes it easy to wipe down for a quick cleanup. This tablecloth is perfect for adding fun style to our table while keeping it protected and food-free, so we can enjoy delicious meals with our family without worrying about cleanup. ---said George Lopez