A Look At European Food History From Cotton Tablecloths

A Look At European Food History From Cotton Tablecloths

Jun 22, 2018

There is a rich artistic style of dining table

What do we need?

Flowers?decorations? Candlestick?

In fact, as long as a simple cotton table is ok

Absolutely in antifouling while, raise the style of the table instantly

Don't underestimate the cotton fabric as a practical decorative fabric. Behind it lies a half of the history of European food and beverage.

From simple to fancy is the history of cotton tablecloth, which is closely related to diet

The table cloth of an era "flower does not spend", more or less and people pay attention to food degree to have a connection.

About 1/3 time will be fast, in the middle ages people shy away from feed to supplement energy for the people of the underlying the breakfast, the breakfast the meaning of the words are "breaking the fast", is seen as greedy lovers of original sin. Accordingly, white perugia tablecloths similar to the altar cloth were commonly used

Until the 16th century intelligence get scientific enlightenment, British protestants physician Thomas branch root name finally stepped up to the health of the breakfast, together with coffee and tea import substitute alcohol become food fashion, the tablecloth will grow towards diversification.

As people paid more and more attention to catering, the decorative function of cotton tablecloth was gradually excavated in the next century. The texture of cotton material is exquisite, soft and very plastic, making the birth of more pattern tablecloths possible

The popularity of 19th century Victorian afternoon tea, emphasis is the peak of diet, emotional appeal of white cotton embroidered tablecloths and dark tassel with thick cotton cloth, occupation of the romantic era. Thus, keen to select or sewing fancy cloth to decorate the table, not just Jane Austen's aristocratic ladies, Margaret duras will hand dyeing cloth in Iraq or the old cotton cloth and jacquard furnishing fabric do chimney, enjoy in fort fleur quiet afternoon tea time.

If the decorative cotton tablecloth is a testament to the artistic and aesthetic tastes of the "kingdom" owner, the clean, pure white cotton tablecloth is a reflection of his or her manners and upbringing. Remember the white tablecloth on "down ton Abbey" with the hidden etiquette of the mansion dinner? In fact, as early as Jane Austen's time, the society built in the private house has been popular in England.

"A house is like a private kingdom," say historians dobby and arias in their personal life history. The bucolic royal lifestyle of George iii infected the nation, and the soaring need for middle and upper classes to show their taste for themselves, the ceremonial functions of private banquets became increasingly prominent.

In the washing machine has not yet been invented by the 18th century, in the second (round) dish and dessert before must update all the rules of table cloth as an important food, can become noble to show off the privilege of private property, is enough to make each reserve families with white delicate cotton cloth is praised in society. The white cotton tablecloth has become the talk of the aristocracy in the old days and the pleasure of private life. It is not only in the paintings of famous modern painters, but even the queen of England is decorating the breakfast tables of private houses with simple white tablecloths.