Choose The Method Of Tea Table Cloth

Choose The Method Of Tea Table Cloth

May 09, 2018

Hall is the most important part of our home, and in the middle of the hall, we will never put the tea table, tea table is visible to the importance of home decoration design, now many families have bought very upscale tea table, but the tea table at the time of tea stain easily, so we will make tea table to choose the appropriate tea table cloth, below we will introduce the choice of tea table cloth.

Tea table tablecloth size choice.

Tea table cloth size choice: the tea table general height 50 -- 70CM, so the tea table cloth cannot choose too big, the vertical edge also should not be too much, around drop 15CM around, it is appropriate. Example: 70*140CM tea table, can match 100*190CM tea table cloth most appropriate!

The table has a diameter of 90CM, and a table cloth of 150CM in diameter can be used, or 150*150CM of table cloth can be used. The choice of square tablecloth: generally it is four weeks droop 15 -- 35CM, it is the perpendicular side dimension that compares appropriate. Choose the tablecloth method (length of table cloth length) to measure the length of the vertical edge.

Tea table cloth color and the choice of style.

Generally speaking, contracted and neat style, can let a person mood relaxed, such as white or colorless effect tablecloth, can bring a person introverted and calm feeling; The tablecloth of the plaid has a strong family atmosphere, appear both rural and casual.

The tablecloth of dark blue can present dreamy hazy but not lose noble elegance. When choosing the tablecloth with decorative pattern, do not just look at the popular pattern at that time or choose too fancy style for a moment. This kind of antependium seems to be able to obtain aesthetic feeling at a glance, but the time is a long time can appear "aesthetic fatigue".

Spring gives a lively, kind impression, can choose a light color tone or small floral tablecloth; Early summer gives a person enthusiasm, up feeling, can choose the tablecloth with green plant design; Not only can be in hot summer bring a person a bit cool also can reflect summer exuberant green idea! Qiu dong chooses composed tea color, red and so on warm color tonal table cloth, so, can make home becomes sweet, also warm a few.