Classification Of Tablecloths

Classification Of Tablecloths

Jun 21, 2018

First, according to the production process classification

Plastic: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA tablecloth, scald tablecloth, PVC tablecloth with cotton substrate, etc

Textile: terylene bamboo printing cloth, polyester-cotton knitting lace tablecloth, pure cotton silk net cloth, polyester silk silk jacquard warp knitting jacquard cloth, cotton cloth, polyester-cotton plain weave printing cloth, polyester-cotton flat silk embroideries tablecloth, flax knitting lace tablecloth, polyester Ma Ping darning tablecloth, VS tablecloth, stars silk cloth

Two is classified by using range, such as square flat circular tooth edge table table cloth, table cloth, round tea table with table cloth, bedroom nightstand lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular table cloth, bedroom nightstand lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular table cloth. In addition, there are table circular disposable nonwoven tablecloth and so on.

According to its use, can be divided into practicability and adornment sex two kinds.

Practical tablecloth pays attention to its function, material of general material is given priority to with plastic, color also compares one fold. Because the quality of the table is higher and higher, a lot of families do not use tablecloth commonly, when visiting a guest, it is a simple ground to spread a one-time tablecloth, after use, throw away. Although this tablecloth is simple, it is not environmental friendly

Therefore, the practical tablecloth is mainly made of PVC, and the quality of the PVC tablecloth is guaranteed by the quality of the PVC tablecloth with cotton substrate. This kind of tablecloth is laid with a layer of cotton bottom, which makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the disadvantages of hard and brittle traditional PVC tablecloth. And, this kind of tablecloth is unlike traditional plastic tablecloth color too one fold, dark sink, color and design are diversiform, easy collocation is a variety of decorate a style, it is the choice that soft adornment is good. This tablecloth is soiled, washable and portable. Long service life, not easy to fade and fade