Different Styles Of Table Cloth Selection

Different Styles Of Table Cloth Selection

May 09, 2018

The dining table is a place where the family can communicate and eat, and the family's whole day's work together is a good time for the family to deepen their relationship. At this time a good atmosphere for the tablecloth is very important, in different family atmosphere can choose different styles of cloth, different styles of small make up today to tell you about the table cloth selection skills.

Table cloth material selection.

Mensal tablecloth on the choice of materials, selection of high quality suede soft light, not on the desktop, stain resistant and durable, convenient cleaning, simple rural style, expression in the indoor environment is relaxed, happy, natural rural life interest, create natural, simple, elegant atmosphere.

Mensal tablecloth is made of high quality imported cotton, with natural cotton luster, good moisture absorption, close skin toning, green environmental protection textile special reactive dyes, high color fastness, mensal antependium after washing do not fade, no stimulation no harm to human body, feel comfortable, fabric closely.

Collect inside warm soft texture, simple design style, delicate simple perception, mensal antependium fabric air permeability of pure cotton is very good, strong modern elements, design and color is rich and colorful, printing design, colour is gorgeous, textured fine and dense density, long service life.

The color choice of table cloth.

1. Colourful collision table is more colorful: the tablecloth of pure cotton texture has colorful color, but the clever color collocation makes it not appear disorderly at all. Moreover, it is also bold to match a gorgeous table qi, the similar color system to make them reflect the interest. Thus it can be seen that a variety of colors are not the taboo of collocation, the color is close to be the magic weapon.

Light color tablecloth collocation: the collocation of warm and warm color is the choice that many people dare not try, collocation is bad can produce collision effect. In fact, as long as the concentration of good color is ok. The tablecloth of warm color fastens color is shallow, tie-in concentration taller blue table qi also won't feel strange. Table qi itself also has the contrast of the cool and warm color, it makes the ground becomes the visual focus.

3. Simple and elegant table cloth has a sense of color confusion: the combination of various colors and patterns on the tablecloth makes people feel dizzy, and if you match the colorful table qi, you will not know the level. With a piece of beige coffee pattern of table qi and will appear a lot more stable. The pattern of the table top is just echo the pattern on the tablecloth, their collocation has the wonderful of the same work.

Table 4. The monochromatic cloth with kei eye-catching: single beige cotton cloth around joined a brown cloth, although a little active the atmosphere, but integral feeling is single. Use the coffee color dark pattern table qi to make the adjustment, it seems that there is a distinct sense of hierarchy. Even with simple white cutlery, it is not inferior to the visual and texture.

The collocation of tablecloth largely can influence a person's mood, and stop using table zhuo not or restaurant guest house with the tablecloth to everyone need to be carefully chosen, from just know colour to the style, one can not be careless. Make your life exquisite and beautiful, and you will be better.