Household Table Cloth Related Knowledge Introduction

Household Table Cloth Related Knowledge Introduction

May 09, 2018

We all know that when we eat, we often worry about various grease spots, but with the appearance of table cloth, it solves a lot of our daily problems. In order to solve our daily problems, it is very important to use tablecloths at home, so let's introduce the relevant knowledge of household table cloth.

1, textile cloth of table cloth, cloth art table cloth is a longest see in our lives, is also the most practical one, the fabrics of textile fabric cloth is also very healthy, good hygroscopicity, close skin lotion. After preshrunk, feel comfortable. The fabric is tight. Household table cloth and through mercerization. Bright, soft and brightly colored. Is the most commonly used household table cloth in life.

Table 2, textile fabric of cotton and linen: home there is a table cloth is made of cotton and linen, it also is a kind of good material, simple sense is quite good, very wear-resisting durable, this kind of fabrics of environmental health, the pursuit of all kinds of natural things. Water absorption is good, gorgeous color, fashionable and generous. Household table linen is also found in most families.

3, silks and satins of textile table cloth: household table cloth silk is also a good choice, but silk exists in hotel, banquet, wedding is a little more, but home is also a lot of, silks and satins household table cloth looks more luxuriant nobility, very real host family status. But silk fabrics household table cloth because of the particularity of fabrics, commonly use dry cleaner is better.

Whether it is textile or plastic tablecloth, each has its advantages. The tablecloth of textile class has more pattern, color choice, more beautiful. And the plastic style is single, but clean and convenient. Transparent table cloth actually is to pursue simple people, still good choice.