How To Choose Rural Style Table Cloth

How To Choose Rural Style Table Cloth

May 09, 2018

Everyone should be very familiar with table cloth, table cloth is used to spread the cloth of the table, table cloth besides can be used to protect table, and can also be used to decorate table. The style of table cloth is very much, common have rural style table cloth, European style table cloth, Chinese style table cloth and so on, different style table cloth characteristic is different. Therefore, when choosing table cloth, we should consider the overall style of the restaurant and the color and type of the table. Bucolic style table cloth is a kind of cleaner, concise table cloth, today small make up teach everybody how to choose rural style table cloth.

Main use light color or pure white table cloth, cotton cloth is given priority to, because cotton has strong water absorption and softness, light and white can foil the elegant environment, for the customer to clean hygiene sweet and comfortable feeling. Most of the stains on hotel tablecloths are food, wine, vegetable juice and condiments. Specific subdivisions may include cream, fish, gravy, vegetable juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, red wine, white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments and seasonings, and possibly even vomit. Since the source of the stain is more complex, the distribution of the stain is crisscrobed, the time of the stain is longer and so on, it is difficult for the hotel tablecloth to be stained and washed. However, as long as we make rational analysis of all the sources of stains, it is not difficult to find a solution to the washing. The stains on the tablecloth are divided by nature, which may consist of tannic acid, protein, vegetable oil, wine, vinegar, salt, sugar and pigment.

One, choose wear-resisting, easy to clean rural style table cloth fabrics.

Home owners in the decoration effect, can see a lot of cotton type fabric rural style table cloth on the table, it looks very beautiful, but the owners need to pay attention to, when we eat accidentally spill vegetable juice on the table cloth, table cloth, it is hard to wipe it. So the owner had better choose the tablecloth fabric that is easy to clean, such as chemical fiber material, this kind of material is stained with dirt easy to scrub.

Two, different shape table chooses rural style table cloth style also needs to differ.

The table shape that is on the market now basically has rectangle, square and circle, these three kinds of table need to match the rural style table cloth of different style and size. Rectangular table needs to buy a rectangle of rural style table cloth, as collocation, above again put two square garden style table cloth, such collocation is more beautiful; Square table needs to choose square rural style table cloth, upper layer also can spread the square of small square garden style table cloth, in order to have good adornment effect; Round table needs to buy the big rural style table cloth that can hang down.

Three, rural style table cloth color best chooses bright hues.

In order to let us I have a good appetite at the dinner table, to decorate the owners when choosing rural style table cloth color, had better choose bright, can stimulate appetitive colour, like orange, blue and white color, and so on, but must pay attention to the colour cannot too dazzling, had better choose light color soft color, which can stimulate appetite, and have very good adornment effect.