How To Use Tablecloths With Table Styles

- Jul 02, 2018-

1.Brilliant color collision table is more colorful

The tablecloth of pure cotton has colorful colors, but the clever colors matching make it look no messy. Moreover, boldly matched with a beautiful table, similar colors make them side by side. From this we can see that many colors are not taboos and that the color system is close to winning the magic weapon.

2.Light-colored tablecloths with a gorgeous tabletop is the key

The combination of warm and cold colors is an option that many people dare not try, and a bad match will have the effect of collision. In fact, you only need to grasp the concentration of color. The warm color of the table cloth is light and the blue table flag with a higher density does not feel strange. The table runner itself also has a contrast of cool and warm colors, which is a visual focus.

3.Monochrome plaid against large patterned tablecloth

The pattern of large flowers and foliage is presented by the contrast of color and background, and looks more comfortable than a hard color. The overly elegant table cloth looks a bit monotonous, and it would be perfect to adjust with a light green tabletop. The plaid on the table is hand-stitched and has a collage effect.