Real Wood Table Desktop Design Considerations

Real Wood Table Desktop Design Considerations

May 09, 2018

1, pay attention to the table and eat chair cooperates: solid wood table and eat chair are generally necessary, also can separate the choose and buy, but need to pay attention to the human body engineering problems, such as seat height difference to the desktop to about 30 cm suitable, too high or too low will affect the normal position. The back of a chair should feel comfortable.

2. Pay attention to the choice of table: the choice of real wood table needs to be combined with space size, and small space is not suitable for large dining table or large space with small table. Practical problems as a result of the purchase, the purchaser is hard to put the things to the scene, therefore, to measure the good taste of the table size, after get the comparison of the site to do a full scale, it would be more appropriate, can avoid greater than small.

3. Pay attention to the choice of table cloth: real wood table cloth should be based on cloth, and there are many choices on the market. Use plastic dish cloth, when placing hot thing, should place the necessary thick mat, especially glass table, can cause unnecessary heat to open strong.

4. pay attention to colorific collocation of soft outfit: solid wood dining table color supplement are generally as the sitting room, this is mainly from the Angle of the space to consider, because in most of today's housing soft outfit design, dining-room and sitting room are same. Restaurant for single structure, the use of color, appropriate USES warm color department, because the color psychology, the warm color is beneficial to promote appetite, which is why many restaurants use restaurant use yellow, red series.