Table Cloth Concept And Function Introduction

Table Cloth Concept And Function Introduction

May 09, 2018

Modern people's pursuit of quality home life is more intense, many people are hope their life can be more comfortable and warm. Table cloth is a kind of cloth that is used to put on the table, not only have adornment effect, also can play the role that protects a table, so what is table cloth? What is the function of table cloth?

What is table cloth?

Main use light color or pure white table cloth, cotton cloth is given priority to, because cotton has strong water absorption and softness, light and white can foil the elegant environment, for the customer to clean hygiene sweet and comfortable feeling. Most of the stains on hotel tablecloths are food, wine, vegetable juice and condiments. Specific subdivisions may include cream, fish, gravy, vegetable juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, red wine, white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments and seasonings, and possibly even vomit. Since the source of the stain is more complex, the distribution of the stain is crisscrobed, the time of the stain is longer and so on, it is difficult for the hotel tablecloth to be stained and washed. However, as long as we make rational analysis of all the sources of stains, it is not difficult to find a solution to the washing. The stains on the tablecloth are divided by nature, which may consist of tannic acid, protein, vegetable oil, wine, vinegar, salt, sugar and pigment.

Table cloth function introduction.

Table cloth is also called table flag, is a kind of home textile cloth art class belongs to the soft adornment, is in domestic adornment very taste decorations, he is only decorative, but don't look down upon this decoration, one is to increase multiple color can give the monotony of the desktop, the second is to soften the hard texture of the desktop, which make the bedroom looks more warmth. Another table is not good to change, but table cloth can be changed often, inject living element for our flat household. Table cloth can be used to make the cloth that the curtain is left to make, already cheap also and environment is unified, decorate originally be the expression of taste, live also want to pursue beautiful! So table cloth is the important element that contemporary bedroom decorates adornment, reflected dweller's pursuit of oneself living environment and taste! Choose a desk flag that has the character to have a sense, can let the decorate in the home more show decorous.