Table Cloth Material Introduction And Analysis

Table Cloth Material Introduction And Analysis

May 09, 2018

We eat most of our meals at the dinner table, so it's important to have a good table, so we need to buy some good table cloth. What kind of material is better for table cloth? The following small make up to introduce the type of table cloth for everybody, more to some table cloth material qualitative analysis.

Tablecloth material classification introduction.

The cloth material we usually use can be divided into plastic and textile according to the production process. The tablecloth of plastic class includes: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA antependium, perm tablecloth, cotton substrate PVC tablecloth, PP tablecloth, etc. Textile cloth include: polyester-cotton knitting lace tablecloth, pure cotton silk net cloth, polyester silk silk jacquard warp knitting jacquard cloth, cotton cloth, polyester-cotton plain weave, printed cloth, polyester silk embroideries flower tablecloth, flax knitting lace tablecloth, polyester MaPing darning flower tablecloth, etc.

Textile tablecloth analysis.

Textile fabrics are mainly decorative, textile fabric fabrics are also very healthy, moisture absorption good, skin-friendly skin toning; It is preshrunk, comfortable and tightly woven. This kind of tablecloth is treated by mercerizing, bright, downy, bright color, it is the most common kind of tablecloth in life. Among them, cotton hemp tablecloth is a kind of good fabric, the texture is quite good, very wear-resisting and durable, this kind of material environmental protection health, the pursuit is all sorts of natural things. And silk and satin tablecloth is used for the hotel, banquet, wedding celebration, silk and satin family table tablecloth looks more luxuriant nobility, very realistic host family's status.

Vinyl tablecloth

Practical tablecloth is mainly PVC, and PVC tablecloth is the most reliable quality of PVC tablecloth. The bottom layer of this kind of cloth bottom layer cotton bottom, make it soft and easy to fold, avoid traditional PVC tablecloth hard, brittle defect. Also, this kind of tablecloth is not like traditional plastic tablecloth color is too simple, dark, color and flower type is diversiform, easy collocation a variety of decorate a style, it is the choice that soft decoration is good.