The Art On The Table

The Art On The Table

May 09, 2018

If an article of clothing color determines the character of a person from the inside out, so dress is like a table, table cloth of different colors and style both affect the mood of family dining table cloth, at the same time also is the nods eyeball pen of home decoration, for you have dinner at home will create a certain atmosphere, so the choice of table cloth greatly exquisite, might as well follow the petals together life channel and rich art to look at those common table cloth, let you have more comfortable dining senses.

Chinese style

Traditional Chinese home outfit without Chinese style elements, Chinese style table cloth rendering of the naive and rich flavor of blue and white blue, as if with real wood eat desk and chair set each other off into a carefree scenery, place oneself among them, elegant very much.


Some people the pursuit of quality and comfortable dining environment, have the habit of eat sushi and drink green tea, what a japanese-style dining table cloth will add a gentle for your eating environment, with Japanese style table cloth, seems to be a gust of wind blowing in your face, comfortable double.


American the sense that gives a person is more of a free, different red, blue and white striped reveals a strong American rustic, spending leisure time with my family members listen to country music, a leisurely rural amorous feelings.

The Mediterranean Sea

Also be stripe, just because of colour collocation is different, Mediterranean table cloth shows different style with American table cloth, let you also have the feeling of sea at dinning time.


Green table cloth to let people return to nature, the edge of the red bottom floral decoration for rural wind so not drab, table cloth, in a rural wind table cloth, like in a mood for dinner, don't have a taste.