The Type And Arrangement Method Of Family Western Table

- May 09, 2018-

The style of western table is relatively few, usually is the square table primarily. And after western food enters China, there will also be some restaurants to choose the table as the western table, but this situation is relatively rare. Western-style table manners are a little too long. Inspired by the Byzantine culture from the merovingian dynasty, a series of elaborate and elaborate table manners were developed. The layout of the modern western table is simple and complicated.

How to decorate the family west table?

1. Dinner plate: the dinner plate is at the center of the table.

2. Butter bread plate: this small bread plate is placed on the right side of the tray, over the fork, and the butter knife is placed inside.

3. Cup: place the tall water cup on top of the guest's dinner knife and place the slender champagne glass between the water cup and the remaining cups. A red wine cup with a large arc, you can hold the bottom of a red wine cup with your palm. The white wine glass has longer legs, and the tummy is like a cylinder, holding the glass of a white wine glass. Finally, the sherry glass may appear on the dining table. The sherry glass is small and may be placed on the right side of the wine glass, indicating that sherry will be served with the soup.

4. Fork: place the salad fork in an inch to the left of the dinner plate and place the fork on the left side of the salad fork and the harpoon on the left side of the dinner fork.

5. Cutting tools: place the knife (if any meat dishes) on the right side of the dinner plate, and place the fish knife on the right side of the dinner knife. The butter knife is placed on top of the butter bread plate and the handle is tilted to the guest.

Oyster fork: if there is an oyster fork, place it on the right side of the spoon (or fruit spoon). The oyster fork, also known as the seafood fork, is the only fork on the right side of the plate. Its forked head can be placed in a bowl with a spoon, and the handle is at a 45-degree Angle to the table. Before eating, you can also place it on the right side of the spoon (or fruit spoon) in parallel.

7. Spoon: spoon or fruit spoon placed on the right side of the plate and the right side of the cutter.

Dessert fork: dessert fork (or spoon) can be placed on top of a dinner plate or given to guests for dessert.

Above is the small make up to introduce the types and layout method of the family of table of all content, is known to all, there are dozens of, west tableware knives light table is the purpose of use are different. Each tool position also has exquisite.