What's On The Solid Wood Table

- May 09, 2018-

In our home, solid wood dining table is definitely the most used a table products, brought all of us when the meal is a better experience, and good to ensure the clean and practicability of the solid wood dining table. But what kind of table cloth do you choose when you choose to lay some tablecloth on a real wood table? What kind of table cloth can bring the most beautiful effect? Small make up today's simple to introduce some knowledge when laying solid wood dining table as well as the need to pay attention to matters, hope to be able to help you in later laid solid wood dining table can work better in this respect, guarantee our table more beautiful.

Round table cloth proper belt embroidery: if solid wood dining table is round table, tablecloth in collocation, is suitable for the big shop at the bottom of the tablecloth with embroidered edges antependium, upper again covered up with a small antependium, integral collocation up gorgeous and elegant, if choose brunet attune antependium, can increase the calm feeling, and has very good anti fouling effect.

Square table cloth design proper atmosphere: the square table can be a square table cloth on the shop on the ground floor and real wood the top with a small square of cloth or change direction of table cloth, spread the right Angle to the centerline of the table, let antependium hem have triangular pattern, the patterns of the square table cloth it is best to compare the atmosphere, not appropriate to use a single color, it looks natural, warm, not rigid.

Rectangular table kei to decorate the table: if home use is a rectangular solid wood table, then you can consider to decorate the table with table kei, with plain coloured antependium and same color collocation use of eat mat, can also be used in the bottom of rectangular table cloth on the shop, the upper with two squares antependium, crisscross matting on the desktop.