MBR Embedded Hollow Fiber PVDF Curtain Membrane Bioreactors Of Water Treatment Machinery

Usage: Water treatment technology
Advantage: Better durability
Customized: Acceptable




MBR Embedded hollow fiber PVDF curtain membrane of Water Treatment Machinery



Size of interface


End material


sealing material

expoxy resin


5-45 centigrade

PH range





-0.03- -0.05Mpa

L/M2 min


Backwashing flow

25-50 L/(m2 h)

mode of operation

Water for 8 minutes, stop for 2 minutes

MBR is also known as Membrane Bio-reactor, which is a new water treatment technology combining Membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit. The removal rate of main pollution can reach: COD>93%, suspended matter and turbidity of producing water are close to zero, the water quality is good and stable, can be directly reused, realize the sewage resource water.



1). Better durability. Anti-oxidant modification on the in-let membrane surface makes it more durable in harsh environment like waste water.


MBR membrane (7)

2). Self-repairing function. Fine inner diameter of the membrane fiber can ensure that sludge blocks the membrane pore the instant the fiber is broken accidentally, endowing the membrane with self-repairing function without affecting outflow water quality.

MBR membrane (14)

3) High water flux. By modifying PVDF, the hydrophilicity of the membrane is greatly improved, the porosity of the membrane is more than 70%, and the flux of the membrane product is increased by more than 30%.

MBR membrane (20)

4) High separation accuracy. The membrane pores are uniform and dense, and it can be controlled within 0.03-0.1 μm separation aperture to ensure the filtration precision.

MBR membrane (9)

5) Long service life. The unique embedded braided tube structure has high strength, and effectively eliminates the phenomenon of broken filaments, the unique coating production process makes the membrane tightly combined with the inner braided tube, effectively avoid membrane peeling phenomenon, recoil resistance is greatly enhanced.

MBR membrane (13)

6) Strong chemical resistance. It can be more thoroughly chemically cleaned to better solve the problem of membrane fouling, high recovery rate of membrane flux and longer service life.


MBR membrane (18)

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