MBR Flat Sheet Membrane

Customized: Acceptable
Removal rate: COD>93%
Holder: 304 stainless steel
Clamping: UPVC






MBR Flat Sheet Membrane

MBR flat plate membrane assembly

Membrane tank


304 stainless steel

Flat feet membrane

<0.22um diameter PVDF

Water let



To connect with water let

Guide plate

304 stainless steel

Aeration tank


304 stainless steel

Aerator pipe

Perforated aeration



MBR is also known as Membrane Bio-reactor, which is a new water treatment technology combining Membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit. The removal rate of main pollution can reach: COD>93%, suspended matter and turbidity of producing water are close to zero, the water quality is good and stable, can be directly reused, realize the sewage resource water.


How to operate?

The flat membrane element consists of PVDF filter membrane, guide net and guide plate. One end of the guide plate is provided with a suction through hole. The activated sludge of MBR in the reaction mixture is blocked in the outside of the plate membrane element, and the treated water is extracted through the suction mouth of the membrane element under the action of negative pressure.

MBR plate membrane (13)


 Outstanding advantages:

(1) Not easy to pollution, low frequency for the membrane cleaning, no need to backwash flat sheet membrane equipment when operation, easy operation for the cleaning; 

(2) Immersion setting, stable placed in the reaction tank; 

(3) Output water in low pressure (sucking or gravity); 

(4) Even aeration effect, small aeration flow rate; 

(5) Stable operation in long time working under the condition of TSS 15000 mg/L;

(6) Low energy consumption operation;

(7) Membrane sheet can be single replaced;

(8) No risk of rupture of membrane sheet, and guarantee excellent water quality. 


MBR plate membrane (3)

Application fields of flat sheet MBR membrane:

landfill leach ate, printing and dyeing waste water, hospital waste water, poly silicon slice waste water, slaughter waste water, food waste water, domestic waste water, paper making waste water, wash ink waste water, chemical waste water, emulsion, steel rolling waste water and etc. 

MBR plate membrane (10)


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